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Mercedes Benz Files Trademarks For NFTs and the Metaverse

Mercedes Benz Files Trademarks For NFTs and the Metaverse

Mercedes-Benz, the German automotive company, is the latest business to take its first steps into the metaverse. On December 14, the company filed five trademark applications related to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens. 

Let’s dive into the details of the trademarks.

On December 14, the German automotive company filed five NFT and metaverse-related trademarks.

Mercedes-Benz trademark filings

The company has filed five trademarks for Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney, Mercedes has the intention of developing a slew of goods and services using crypto and NFTS. In a tweet, Kondoudis stated that Mercedes is aiming to develop NFTs, virtual clothing and goods, virtual vehicle parts, and financial services. It will also enable cryptocurrency trading. 

#MercedesBenz has filed trademark applications for:

▶️ Mercedes Benz

▶️ Mercedes

▶️ S-Class

▶️ G-Class

▶️ Maybach

claiming plans for:


✅Virtual clothing + goods

✅Financial services

✅Cryptocurrency trading

…and much more!#NFT #Metaverse #Crypto #Finance #Web3 pic.twitter.com/UCp8mJ7yxH

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) December 19, 2022

Further, one trademark in particular outlines plans to create “crypto collectibles” for its luxury Maybach model. This includes digital or physical elements such as animal furs, blankets, carpets, rugs, and mats. Another filing stated that collectible items backed by NFTs will also be created for the company’s S-Class model. It may feature audio recordings, video recordings, image files, music, and multimedia files containing artwork, text, audio, images, or video.

Mercedes and Web3

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Mercedes has ventured into Web3. Last January, the company launched an NFT collection, in which five notable international artists created digital artworks commemorating the Mercedes G-Class. The collection also granted holders the possibility of winning a physical G-Class if the collection reached $1 million in sales.

Moreover, globally recognized brands continue to make their way into Web3 despite the crypto winter. Mercedes is one of the many car companies that have joined this forever-evolving space in the last six months. It seems the company is committed to the long haul, though the extent to which these trademarks go remains unknown. We must wait and see how the Mercedes team plans on incorporating these trademarks into their business.

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